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About Us

Mountain Retreat
Stay and Play at Caverns Village

What makes us so great? 

  • Location & Views - Located along the Colorado River with views of the Red Mountains. Caverns Village is a 20 minute walk to downtown Glenwood Springs. 5 minutes from Caverns Adventure Park and 1 minute from Iron Mountain Hot Springs. It sits within feet of a park and biking trails that can go all the way up the Valley. 

  • Amenities - Perfect amount of bedrooms and baths with air conditioning, heating, fireplace, comfortable and large office desk, media/TV in all rooms, and full kitchen. 

  • Quality and Decor - Our interior furnishings are new and designed for comfort and charm. Our artwork is designed locally (more on that here), and our mattresses and pillows made in Colorado. Our linens and bedding are clean and crisp.

  • Design - Spacious living area and kitchen for 980 sq ft. including large bathrooms and plenty of room in bedrooms. 

  • Condition - Caverns Village opened in October of 2021. The property is newly built with ongoing special attention on grounds maintenance, equipment maintenance, detailed cleanliness and upkeep. 

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