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Artwork & Textiles

Artwork can create a lot of emotion in a space which is why we curated a lot of unique pieces in this space to feel calm, peaceful and like you're in the middle of the mountains - but with modern amenities:) Learn more about some of the art pieces here! 

CV Bedroom 2.jpg


The Valley

This line art above the bed in the main bedroom was drawn by a Colorado Artist of the Glenwood Springs Valley. 



Mt Sopris is an iconic mountain in the Roaring Fork Valley. To those who live in the valley, seeing the white capped mountains gives an instant sense of home. To those who visit, there are always memories of the charm of seeing Mt. Sopris during a drive on Hwy 82. 

CV Living Room Art.jpg
CV Bed with art.jpg


Curated Mtn Stacked Art

The art in the bedroom with a desk is designed to show depth in the 3D layout and utilizes all materials and mountain scapes found close to Glenwood Springs. 


Wild West

What is more Colorado than Cowboys and Skiing? 

CV Fireplace.jpg



We worked with CMP+ a Colorado based company who upcycles fabric and turns it into beautiful pillows. Sustainable design was an important component to us when curating this space! 

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